Elizabeth Tabb at Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA)

My colleague Jeff Fowler is a student at CDIA in Georgetown.  Jeff is in a year and a half program that teaches all aspects of digital imaging.  Students get to use the well outfitted studios anytime space is available.  Jeff arranged for space on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  Elizabeth Tabb joined us as the model and Shana Janelle was the makeup artist.  We spent about two hours shooting in the studio.  Then at about 2:30pm we headed upstairs to the top floor in an eight story builing.  The space was raw and in the process of being built out.  A bank of ceiling high angled windows provided light from the southern sky.   These were the best shots of the day.

Orsi at DC Studio

May 22 Shoot with Orsi

Orsi is a Hungarian student doing an intership in the US.  This shoot was her first time modeling.  Teresa Atchison handled makeup.  Unique Thrift Store provided wardrobe.

CANON BG-E6 — This was my first shoot using the Canon BG-E6 grip for my 5D Mark II.  It is certainly more comfortable shooting with the extended grip.  But I found it has other advantages.  I made greater use of the now more accessible auto focus lock.  This will hopefully reduce the amount of lens blur that occurs.  Most important though is that I spent more time composing.  That’s a result of being in a more comfortable shooting position.  I didn’t feel rushed to get the shot since I had a steady two hand grip on the camera.

Christine Ann – Ashburn VA

Christine was interested in updating her portfolio.  But with a young child at home she didn’t want to travel all the way to DC.  Her apartment complex in Ashburn allowed us to spend an afternoon and evening shooting in some great locales in their main building including a common room, a game room, and nicely lit hallways.  Christine did her own hair, makeup, and wardrobe.  I invited my colleague Chris Maxwell to join us for the shoot and he agreed to help out by bringing along equipment from his Dulles studio as well as his substantial expertise.

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Catwalk Studioz Grand Opening

I went to the grand opening celebration at Catwalk Studioz on May 15 and did a few hours of shooting. Thanks to the gracious hospitality of Joseph Philbert and his wife this was a fun event for all.

I ran into my shooting partner Vox early in the day. We each had brought along one studio light.  Joseph let us set up in an enclosed loading dock area and gave us a canvas drop cloth for a backdrop. The space was only 7 feet high and that became an issue with one model. Emery Wallace in the pic below is 6’2″ and played small forward at Maryland.  The first thing I did was ask her to remove her heels. We then got her into poses that would deemphasize her height relative to the space.

View Vox’s image of Emery.