Springtime Shoot with Nora and Liz

April 20, 2010 Shoot with Nora and Liz

Nora’s friend Liz Weygrzyn is an MUA and she wanted to get some shots of Nora for her port.  We decided to do a location shoot at the Smithsonian gardens behind the castle building on the Mall.  It was a near perfect spring evening and Nora’s pose lying on the grass reflects the serene setting.

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“Portraits of DC”

The photo below was among 51 selected out of several hundred submissions in a juried competition sponsored by the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities, DC Fotoweek, and DC Counts.  The competition celebrates the 2010 census and DC’s quest for statehood, hence the 51 winners. The show is on display at Social Restaurant in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. It will be mounted at the DC Convention Center in September.

The shot was made in my home studio in January 2010.  The model is Dilfuza Kasymova.  The Hill newspaper covered the reception and used my image as the pictorial.  The text identifies me as “fashion and portrait photographer Phil Kogan.”

The Studio at Dulles Open House

As I continued my recovery from surgery new opportunities arose for shooting at studio events where I wouldn’t be required to do any heavy lifting.  On March 31 the Studio at Dulles had an open house and I headed out there for an evening of shooting.  Chris Maxwell is one of the principals at the studio.  He had invited me to my first studio shoot with models at the earlier incanation of the Studio at Dulles.  So this was a good opportunity to see Chris and check out the new studio.  One of the gals I shot with was Rania, an aspiring plus size model.  This was a two light setup using  two softboxes with no front diffusion panel.